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Canada Carbon Miller Graphite Qualifying as Feedstock for Production of Graphene Nano-Platelets

June 7th, 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Canada Carbon Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX-V:CCB) (OTC:BRUZF) (FF:U7N1) is pleased to provide this market development update for its flagship Miller hydrothermal high-purity graphite project. Canada Carbon is in the final stages of qualifying its very high purity thermally treated graphite (99.9998% carbon) as potential feedstock for the production of non-oxide graphene nano-platelets, in partnership with Celtig LLC, a producer of mechanically exfoliated, high quality graphene products ( ). Celtig employs a high efficiency, low temperature process using only benign chemicals that can be almost entirely recycled for further use. This stands in stark contrast to oxidative exfoliation, which requires large amounts of strong acids, oxidizers, and reductant chemicals to produce reduced graphene oxide (“RGO”). RGO production must be conducted under temperature-controlled conditions to reduce the risk of explosion, and generates large amounts of chemical waste.

Celtig was founded in 2015 by Professors Brian Edwards and Bamin Khomami, Dr. Lu Liu, retired Dean of Engineering, Fred Tompkins, and Nick Ciparro, to commercialize the patent-pending high-efficiency graphite-exfoliation technology developed by company principals, which allows process yields as high as 90%. Celtig has established a distribution network through its partnership with The GrapheneSource LLC (, to provide efficient logistical support. Celtig benefits from its natural partnership with the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the home institution of the company founders, that enables a synergistic collaboration between academic research and industrial applications which provides Celtig a distinct advantage over most other graphene producers.

Brian Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Celtig, said: “Celtig’s quest is to become the leading international supplier of the highest quality graphene and related products at price points that will actually lead to global-scale industrial commercialization, rather than simply filling small market niches. Our partnership with the University of Tennessee in Knoxville allows us to leverage the University’s huge internal investment in research infrastructure to study real-world applications of novel graphene technology with highly trained PhD students and postdoctoral researchers using state-of-the-art materials characterization and analysis instrumentation on a scale unavailable to industrial R&D enterprises. Current graphene applications under investigation include: 3D-printing; electrically conductive inks, films, and coatings; optical displays and sensors; nanocapacitor technology; electrode materials for batteries; physio/biochemical sensors; photovoltaic cells; fuel cell technology; high-frequency transistors; quantum dots; gas separation membranes; enhanced lubricants; polymer/graphene nanocomposite materials; and thermally conductive and fire-retardant foams.

Canada Carbon’s ultra high purity, highly crystalline natural graphite is expected to reinforce Celtig’s growing reputation for producing commercial quantities of the highest quality non-oxide graphene materials.”

Canada Carbon Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. R. Bruce Duncan stated, “As noted in our recently filed Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Miller Project, the highest quality graphene requires the best precursor graphite, both in terms of crystal morphology and overall purity. After six months of mutual efforts, we are pleased to have our Miller ultra high purity graphite recognized in this way by Celtig LLC, which is not only a world-leading graphene producer, but is also a significant supporter of research into commercial applications for the graphene that they produce.

Canada Carbon will soon provide further market development updates arising from other characterization and qualification research on its ultra high purity Miller graphite, being conducted under numerous non-disclosure agreements in academic, commercial, and government laboratories around the world. The Company also hopes to soon report the finalization of ASTM International’s new nuclear graphite testing standard, which used Canada Carbon’s nuclear purity Miller graphite as the reference material.”

About Celtig

Celtig, LLC is a Tennessee limited liability company founded to produce high quality graphene nano-sheets and flakes and to distribute commercial quantities of this line of products at affordable prices to markets worldwide. Production of this high quality graphene, marketed under the trade name Cicarbo™, has been achieved through new technology and manufacturing processes designed and developed by company founders. Celtig has successfully implemented these new patent-pending processes in its East Tennessee production facility using especially designed equipment that was also developed and patented by company principals. Whereas two company founders are faculty members of the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, a natural partnership has arisen between Celtig and the University with respect to research and development as well as commercialization opportunities. East Tennessee was chosen as the natural location for Celtig’s main office and production facility because of the proximity of the University of Tennessee and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, both of which are organizations of international renown for expertise and research infrastructure in the area of materials science and engineering. More information can be found at


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