Graphite Dispersions

Fields of Applications
Graphite dispersion chart

Graphite dispersions consist of graphite particles in suspension in a liquid. Dispersions permit application of a uniform and fine distribution of graphite on the surface of the target material. Depending on each individual application, various dispersion properties such as those that follow are of varied importance: sedimentation stability, surface tension, wetting behaviour on different surfaces, adhesive power on different surfaces, drying time, viscosity, pH-value, and ionogenity.

In order to improve the dispersing effect, individual formulas apart from graphite and the dispersion agent (in most cases water) also contain protective colloids, preserving agents, and other additives. Graphite dispersions can be individually produced for almost any application. As the figure at left indicates that range includes hot metal forming; paint systems; matrix cooling; glass cooling; rubber coatings; can coatings; armament coatings (ie. bullets to prevent barrel scoring); seed coatings (to permit easier planting); and railway and switch coating (for ease of use in cold weather).

Finished Grade85 - 94% C
Mesh Size-50+100
Available Indry and liquid form
In Solution
Shipped in
1 gallon can, 5 gallon can, 50 gallon drums, or by tanker.