Brake Linings, Gaskets and Carbon Brushes

Carbon uses - Brake Linings

Applications such as auto parts and gaskets are ideal products for flake graphite. Graphite can be molded, compressed and shaped to then be refabricated into many secondary shapes. This is most common in gaskets which come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

Brake linings

With its lubricating properties, graphite modulates the braking effect of friction linings and essentially contributes to braking comfort and to noise reduction. The outstanding thermal conductivity properties of graphite also play an important role in dissipating heat buildup in friction linings.

Carbon Brushes

As electrical sliding contacts in an electric motor, carbon brushes have to meet the highest demands concerning resistance to wear and oxidation, electric and thermal conductivity, as well as lubricity. In this connection graphite plays a central role as an important component of many carbon brush formulas.


In gasket applications, graphite offer excellent creep, strength, chemical stability and high tightness qualities. Graphite itself or laminated with flat / tanged stainless steel insertion is used as a temperature and chemical resistant gasket in automotive, paper, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear and many other industries. It typically acts as a thermal barrier at high temperature to provide heat reflectivity; offers excellent linings and protective layers in vessels containing hot or corrosive fluids; and is ideal as a medium for sealing high temperature values, shafts and flanges.

Brake Linings, Gaskets and Carbon Brushes SpecsFinished GradeMesh Size
Brake Linings95-98%C-200+250
Carbon Brushes95-99%C-200+250