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Canada Carbon Provides Further Update on Paul K. Cooper and Stockhouse Posters

March 20th, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Canada Carbon Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX-V: CCB) announces that it has taken legal action to address a series of false and malicious comments published in 2013 and 2014 by anonymous posters on the website: (the “Stockhouse Website”). The Company does not take this action lightly, but has determined that it is necessary to continue to protect the reputations of the Company and its management in light of the frequency and severity of the comments, and the posters’ refusal to provide apologies and retractions.   

The Company announces that it has reached a settlement with Paul K. Cooper for posts Mr. Cooper made on the Stockhouse Website in September and October 2013 under the alias “doobyus”.  At the time of Mr. Cooper’s defamatory posts, he was listed on the Saint Jean Carbon Inc. website as their Chief Operating Officer.  Under the terms of the settlement, Mr. Cooper agreed to pay a monetary settlement, which has been received, and to publish an apology and retraction on the Stockhouse Website.  Mr. Cooper has failed to fully comply with the terms of the settlement and, as a result, the Company is considering its legal options to ensure Mr. Cooper honours the terms of the agreement. The full text of the Mr. Cooper’s apology is outlined below.

Apology from Paul K. Cooper:

“I wish to apologize to CCB and its shareholders for making comments under the username “doobyus” that would affect the price of the shares of CCB.  I now understand that my comments, which were intended to refer solely to CCB and not to Mr. Duncan personally, may not have been clear to all readers.  I want to clarify that I did not intend for my comments to be disparaging of the company or its management in any way.  In particular, I did not intend to suggest that CCB is a “pump and dump,” that CCB is a scam, or that anyone affiliated with CCB is or has been intentionally misleading investors.  I have not seen any evidence of impropriety on behalf of CCB and I do not believe that CCB is acting in any way other than in the best interests of its shareholders. 

As a sign of good faith I have agreed to provide CCB with copies of all relevant inbox messages to and from the “doobyus” account.  I trust that this will allow CCB to address any concerns it may have and repair any damages my comments may have caused. Sincerely, Paul K. Cooper”

Further to Canada Carbon’s press release of February 13th, 2014,   the Company has now determined the true identity behind “Chubster56”, aka “bsmith” aka “pirate4” as William “Bill” Brisbin of Peterborough, Ontario.  Additionally, the Company had obtained orders from the Supreme Court of British Columbia for the production of all identifying information regarding a poster known as “Executive12” aka “Saabmaster.” and is in the process of obtaining similar orders to identify posters known as “DickJones”, “DickJones1”, “WolverineTrader” and “WoolyBully”.  The Company has identified a number of other posters without the need for production orders and will be dealing with each poster on a case by case basis and is considering all available legal options.  

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